The Rybakov Prize is a $1.2 million international award for philanthropists and benefactors who have invested their personal capital in the reinvention of preschool and school education and have made tangible progress in this field. The prize has been described by Forbes as the "Nobel Prize for Philanthropists in Education" and was established by Ekaterina and Igor Rybakov, co-founders of the Rybakov Foundation.

The award ceremony was held on February 2, 2020.

Игорь и Екатерина Рыбаковы

Rybakov Prize 2020

Winner of the $1 million Rybakov Prize Grand Prix Award
Olga Zubkova (Russia) is the inspiring leader and president of "Tetradka Druzhby" Educational Development Association from Perm city.
Boris Bulaev (USA) is a co-founder of the non-profit organization Educate!
Two Rybakov Prize winners received $100,000 each
Abdul Abdulkerimov (Russia) is the creator of the innovative educational center Luminary in the mountain village of Khyrug, which has become a guiding beacon for children from neighboring villages.
The classes in the center are free. The center's features include an interdisciplinary approach, modular education design and educators with practical experience. Working together with the business community, Abdulkerimov pledges to open 50 Luminary centers in 5 years. According to the award terms, most of the Grand Prix Award will be spent on the development of Luminary.
The Association supports joint socially relevant initiatives of teenagers with different capabilities and needs. Its educational programs for creating an inclusive environment are used in 24 countries worldwide. A franchising opportunity was launched to enable schools to become centers of inclusive environment in local communities.
His brainchild Educate! helps high school students in Africa develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills in order to enable young people to start their own businesses or find high-skill jobs right out of school. The organization cooperates with schools and governments in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, where Educate! has been lending a helping hand to nearly 50,000 high school students.

Abdulzhelil Abdulkerimov, Russia, initiator of the Luminary education center in the Dagestan village of Khrug, member of the Board of Trustees and philanthropist of the "Prosveshcheniye" Fund named after honorary educator of the Republic of Dagestan Makhmud Abdulkerimov. Owner of the investment company Trustcom, founder of Digital. Space venture capital and Paysend online payments system. Social impact: Russia.

Oleg Belyaev, Russia, President of the Moscow Alumni Association, which projects are aimed at career guiding and development of over-professional competencies in high-school students in cooperation with entrepreneurs, higher and professional education institutions, high-school graduates and their parents. Social impact: Russia.

Boris Bulayev, USA, co-founder and Executive Director of the non-profit organization "Educate!", which provides the youth of Africa the knowledge, skills and competencies to be successful in the modern economy. Social impact: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda.

Peter Vesterbacka, Finland, founder of the Fun Academy Future Astronauts educational project for unlocking the potential in children ages 2-6 utilizing the "education+fun" format. Entrepreneur, founder of the Slush startup conference. Social impact: USA, Finland, China, Vietnam.

Alina Gonikman, Russia, invests in educational projects of the "Moscow Pedagogical Theater for Youth" and "LiS", which use theatrical instruments to work with schoolchildren. President of the company "FinAssist Insurance Broker", Head of the "Female League" of the Russian Jewish Congress, founder and Head of "Kimberlit" Charity Foundation. Social impact: Russia.

Sergey Gutzeit, Russia, founded the Pavlovsk School named after A.M. Gorchakov in 1999, a private boarding-school for young men that was created as a "modern version" of the Tsarskoe Selo lyceum. Founder and owner of the "Podvorie" restaurant. Social impact: Russia.

Olga Zubkova, Russia, President of the "Tetradka Druzhby" Educational Development Association, founder of the full-day camp "Novy Gorod Druzhny". Develops inclusive space in the environments of children and youth through innovative proprietary programs, the point of which is to facilitate joint activity of children with disability and their healthy peers. Social impact: Russia.

Vadim Klet, Russia, creator of the "Algoritm Uspekha" Educational Complex in rural areas, founder of the "Nashi Deti" Charity Foundation. Entrepreneur: Head of "Belgorodstroimontazh", "Novostroyzakazchik", "Investicionaya Kompaniya Ulitka". Social impact: Russia.

Logan Cohen, USA, co-founder of the Kudzoo project – a free mobile application that can be used to reward students and schoolchildren for good grades and involve local entrepreneurs in school communities. Social impact: USA and other countries.

Samaira Mehta, USA, the 11-year-old creator of table games Coder Bunnyz and CoderMindz, which teach children programming. Author of the educational initiative "Yes, One Billion Kids Can Code". Social impact: USA, China, Africa, India, Japan, Europe.

Sergey Nugaev, Russia, co-founder of the educational project "Kruzhok" – a round of free programming classes for children of remote towns and villages. After the classes, students create websites about rural life. Former Head of the Moscow Coding School. Social impact: Russia.

Aram Pakhchanian, Armenia, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the "Ayb" Educational Fund, founded in 2006; Director of the "Ayb" school. Vice-president and shareholder of ABBYY company. Social impact: Armenia.

Thomas Trüb, Switzerland, founder and President of The Dariu Foundation, creator of a network of kindergartens and a project aimed at raising digital literacy among rural children. Social impact: Vietnam.

Evgeniya Tyurikova and Marat Shaidayev, Russia, co-founders of the "Selo" Foundation, aimed at restoring rural schools as educational and informational centers. The foundation helped build a school in the Dagestan village of Tsmur. Evgeniya is the Head of Sberbank Private Banking, Marat is the former Head of the United Grain Company. Social impact: Russia.

Nat Ware, Australia, developed a new tool to finance education and founded the Forte project, which allows young people to receive tuition payments from investors in return for their future earnings. Founder of 180 Degrees Consulting, the largest consulting company for non-profits and social entrepreneurs in the world. Social impact: USA and other countries.

Jason Ng, Singapore, develops the education environment in rural communities of the developing countries. Activity is aimed at training local teachers who work with children ages 5-9, and providing an educational program for schools. Social impact: Malaysia, Indonesia, East Timur, Burma, China, Mongolia.

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